Andrea Bordeaux

Andrea Bordeaux

My name is Andrea and I’m an intuitive guide, energy healer, actress, and writer. In Human Design, I am a 2/4 Emotional Projector.

I’m devoted to honoring myself as an aspect of The Divine Feminine, a Goddess, and teach Women to also honor themselves as Goddesses. I’ve anchored radical self-responsibility as one the pillars of what I teach and how I guide.

I’m passionate about helping Women connect to their Divine nature by clearing away old and harmful programming, conditioning, implants, and wounds.

My approach is firm, loving, and full of humor and levity, because while the work we do together can be deep, confronting, and painful, it is also joyous, silly, pleasurable, and fun.

As creating magic should be.

I would be delighted to be invited into your present life, to help you call in the one of your dreams.

Andrea Bordeaux will be sharing Selfish Bitch Embodiment