Seed of Creation

Seed of Creation

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Seed of Creation: Exploring the Seat of our Power

Within a dominant culture that is so conflicted about reproductive rights, it’s not surprising that many of us feel disconnected from our creative potential. Traditional knowledge understands the pelvic region as the seat of our power: a source of creation that connects us with ancestors, with our potential, and with the great mystery. This is where manifestation seeds, where we can draw upon the resilience of our lineages, and where we hope to heal insecurity.

During this knowledge share we will explore ways to work with Plant Spirit Medicine to connect, restore, and strengthen this sacred part of our bodies. We will unpack ways to work energetically with herbal medicine to clear a path for a spiritual, emotional, and physical fertility. This class is appropriate for anyone interested in birthing ideas, businesses, creative endeavors, revolutions, babies, and more.

This class includes journaling prompts, energetic exercises, and ideas for Plant Spirit Medicine. A notebook and pen may be helpful to participate and take notes.

Renée Camila will be sharing Seeds of Creation