Healing Insecurity

Healing Insecurity

Healing Insecurity: A Journey in Plant Spirit Medicine

Work with your ancestral medicine to build confidence from within. Deepen your relationship with plant magic. Access your spirit guides.

Due to the practicalities of living under capitalism within a dominant culture that continues to practice oppressive systems of colonialism, it’s not a surprise that many of us feel inadequacy and doubt, or that we’re not enough, or generally uncomfortable in our own skin.

Dive deep into the magical ways you can work with your plant allies in order to access your personal power and gifts.

This workshop includes:
• Journaling prompts oriented towards getting clear with the emotional/spiritual roots of your insecurity
• Contextualization of insecurity within a social justice lens, to better understand how systems of oppression impact our well-being
• An intimate materia medica of plants that can support us physically, emotionally, and spiritually during our healing journey
• A guided journey meditation with Plant Spirit Medicine
• An opportunity to heal and cultivate resilience together, in community

Healing Insecurity: A Journey in Plant Spirit Medicine will be shared by Renée Camila who is also teaching Seed of Creation.