Reina Prado

Reina Prado

Offerings by Reina Prado
Love Limpias – Limpias are a Latin American healing practice to help with emotional and/or spiritual blocks. I reconnected with this practice as it’s part of my lineage from my Mexica great-great-grandmother and great-grandmother who were both curanderas. The Love Limpia, can help clear out emotional and / or physical blocks about love or other core values: security, self-worthy, and wholeness. Through the Love Limpia, you may experience an expansion of your heartspace to welcome and radiate love. When booking your session select the time increment you prefer. Festival Rate: $40 for every 30 minutes; combine w/ 30 minute Cranial Sacral is $80, 1 hour session.

Isis Ritual – Emotional Release Session – Through the use of aromatherapy and polarity techniques, the session provides a means to help you work through and release emotional trauma. You will be mostly unclothed, covered with a blanket or sheet, and face-up during the session. About 12-14 oils are applied on the body. Festival rate Session $150, Session time 1 ½-2 hours.

Cranial Sacral & Polarity Unwinding is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body working with soft tissues, fascia, bone structure, and central nervous system. The combined modalities work with your energy flow to support your inherent intelligence of self-healing as expressed in your energetic patterns. You may experience an ease of restrictions in the body, more mobility, or calmness.
Festival Rate: $30 for 15 minutes; $50 for 30 minutes; and $100 for an hour.

Tarot Readings: $20

Reina Prado identifies as a Xicana feminista who brings a bi-lingual and cultural approach to the various modalities and protocols she engages. Prado is certified as a ICSU (Integrative Cranial Sacral Unwinding) and RPP (Registered Polarity) Practitioner through the Life Energy Institute under Gary Strauss.

Prado uses cranial sacral unwinding with polarity to help a client re-align to their heart space sourcing their wellness of being. This can reverberate in their field to trusting their life vision and/or doing projects that are in greater alignment with their heart/soul space. She has created a signature offering called Love Limpias where clients can experience an expansion of your heartspace that welcomes and radiates love. She also uses therapeutic grade essential oils, crystals, and tarot cards. Collectively these practices and modalities help her navigate a client’s energy system in a more wholistic matter.

Prado established her practice professionally three years ago in the Los Angeles area. Her practice began with a desire to help her community, which is mostly Spanish speaking, immigrant, and workers like her mother. What has developed is a practice working mainly with people who seek to a deeper connection with their true self. She has shared this work at festivals like Consciousness Collective, Reggae on the Mountain, Sedona Yoga Festival, and One Love Fest. She currently holds sessions at Kosha Wellness Center in Pasadena on most Sundays. Follow her on social media @goodmexicangirl or on facebook @originalhealingqueen & Healing Queen on soundcloud and youtube .