Finding Self, Finding Love

Finding Self, Finding Love

Ready to connect to your true self in a deeper more profound way? Join me for Finding Self, Finding Love workshop and experience a transformation by releasing limiting beliefs and patterned behavior. Finding Self, Finding Love helps participants understand and navigate the four core values – Security, Wholeness, Worthiness, and Love. By gaining greater clarity on the impact the core belief(s) has had in their life, participants learn to access their wellness of being and have greater compassion and grace regarding a moment (or moments) that a limiting belief rooted itself in their physical or energy body. Through compassion and love, a renewed body awareness will help participants reconnect to their truer self and open up their heart space, thus Finding Self, Finding Love in deeply rooted matter.

During Finding Self, Finding Love day, we work through each of the four core values – Love / Worthiness / Security / Wholeness – through prompts and guided meditations and meet what comes up through compassion. We end the workshop through a collective spontaneous transformation. Participants will be given a guidebook to take notes also learn how to use essential oils, crystals, asanas, and breathwork to support their journey after the workshop.

If this resonates with you, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Dress comfortably, bring water, a yoga mat, and open heart. I look forward holding space with you.

Activities include:
* hatha yoga (no experience necessary)
* sound energy work
* guided meditations
* reflection prompts
* collective spontaneous transformation session
* guidebook, crystal(s) and body spray will be given to participants

Please note: This is not a scent free environment as essential oils and incense will be used.


Finding Self, Finding Love will be shared by Reina Prado.