Reina Prado

Reina Prado, founder of Healing Queen, is a Xicana feminista that brings a bi-lingual and bi-cultural approach to the sessions and workshops she leads. She is certified as an ICSU (Integrative Cranial Sacral Unwinding) and RPP (Registered Polarity) Practitioner through the Life Energy Institute. Through a combination of modalities, the session helps a client re-align to their heart space sourcing their wellness of being. Prado also developed a hybrid offering that she named the love limpias.

The Love Limpia helps clear out emotional and / or physical blocks about love. This could look like or feel like limiting beliefs about deserving love, or releasing energetic ties to an ex. Through the Love Limpia, one may experience an expansion of their heartspace that welcomes love and radiates love. Prado also developed the workshop Finding Self, Finding Love where participants experience a transformation by releasing limiting beliefs and patterned behavior. Through compassion and love, a renewed body awareness will help participants reconnect to their truer self and open up their heart space, thus Finding Self, Finding Love in deeply rooted matter.

Prado is also the owner and baker of Good Mexican Girl, an artisanal boutique bakery based in Los Angeles that focuses on vegan desserts with a Latin American flavor profile. As an artist, Prado is best known as Santa Perversa. Many of her projects are creative and focus on love of self and others. You can follow her on Instagram @goodmexicangirl @healingqueen_ or @santaperversa


Reina will be sharing Finding Self, Finding Love.