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Craft & Practice: Meditations on Creativity & Ethics by Lise Silva Gomes



So grateful to Lise Silva Gomez for creating this guide for Artisans, Makers & Creators.  When we first came across Lise’s PDF version we knew it was a must have for the gathering.  This special book is filled with knowledge and helpful tools for fine tuning your craft in the best way possible! The book offers wisdom on finding a Teacher, Cultural Appropriation, Plagarism, Ethical sourcing & more.

Lise shares: “Let’s talk about it! Here is an bite-sized, abridged version of a guide I made with the help & input of many creative friends to spark some discussion on copying and our personal boundaries as creators. This guide was created as discussion points rather than immutable rules.”

Lise and Spirit Weavers collaborated to make these special limited edition books.  Net proceeds go to a handful of organizations listed in the photo here.  We recommend buying not just 1 but many to share as these are must haves for anyone sharing or learning a skill!