Transcendental Integration: Yogic Gratitude for our Cellular body with Andean Cosmology

image2Utilizing Andean cosmology, students will be guided through traditional asanas relating the body to the elements as well as Andean spiritual entities through guided visualization shifting the perspective of ego. Our Asana practice will balance deep restorative postures with thoughtful and loving vinyasa transitions. The pod will ebb and flow with spontaneity and lightness encouraging intuitive expression. We will be utilizing a guided meditation to deepen into the cellular presence of the body and building the positive relationship of channeling light from the earth through prana and visualization. Traditional Shipibo Icaros and a cleansing ceremony will lead into a trance-like savasana to integrate the body into Pachamama. This class is open to all levels and walks of life. This class will be shared by Maria Calderon







About Maria Calderon

image4Maria has been honored to have taught Yoga at the past 3 Spirit Weavers Gatherings, as well as curating the Yoga and Sacred Movement village this year alongside Sybil Buck. Maria is half Peruvian. Her Father is a world renowned traditional Peruvian Folk musician and her mother an Artist. She was raised by her Andean Abuelitos; Her Abuela a communal healer, and her Abuelo a Huayno vocalist. In her youth she developed a deep connection to her Andean heritage through several folkloric Art mediums. Her journey began with the creative sacred body at a young age through figure skating, competitive diving, and 110m Hurdles and has always been drawn to challenging the body and its relation to time and space. In 2002, she was diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis leading her to Yoga in 2003. This experience opened the doorway of navigating varying modes of holistic medicine and energetic healing from her Andean heritage. Much of her strength to overcome illness was driven by her spiritual ancestry in order to draw intuitive stability.


She is a 200 RYT and has been teaching Yoga for 9 years. She is also an interdisciplinary folk, social, and performance artist and her classes are always a reflection of her art and social practice. For 5 years Maria hosted Yoga in The Park in Kansas City, MO, which installed amongst the sculpture garden each week. She draws the majority of her inspiration from comparing varying cultural modes of the spiritual and ritual realm, as well as a deep love for understanding body chemistry. Maria’s practice resonates most when relating all beings to our underlying elements that connect us to Pachamama.


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