Miriam Grace

Miriam is a fire alchemist, basket weaver, hide tanner, medicine gatherer, woods wanderer, and maker of all sorts. She seeks comfort in the wild corners, learning to listen to the land and find home in the belly of the forest. She believes that studying earth-based living skills is a doorway to a simpler, deeper, nature and spirit-woven life. Through these ancient ways of living we begin to understand more clearly our direct interdependence with the natural world around us, to saturate our lives in gratitude for the spirit flowing through all.
Born and raised in a spiritual community tucked in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, meditation and yoga were intricately woven into Miriam’s early life. She grew up climbing cedar and apple trees on the land that held her. Days were spent exploring the river and running barefoot through the woods :: red dirt toes :: berry stained fingers :: pine needle tangled hair. This upbringing planted seeds of a lifelong pursuit for deep connection with nature and close living with the Earth.
After many years of learning, creating, and traveling, she found her way to the Tracker School :: deep in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. There her passion and love for the wild found its channel in the philosophy of earth-living skills and ancestral arts. She now leads workshops independently and at Skills Gatherings, and has taught classes for children, teens, and adults across the United States and in Europe.


Miriam will be offering Courting Fire :: intro to fire by friction.