Mila Redwood

Mila Redwood

Singing is our birthright. I, like so many others, grew up believing that my voice wasn’t good enough. I carried this belief for most of my life, casting seeds of self-doubt and insecurity. It was through Community Singing that I found the medicine needed to reclaim my voice and vibrancy. Today, I use song as a tool for building community, for restoring our sense of connection in the world. This ancient practice is truly a technology of belonging. I see it’s profound impact on the lives of my community when we come together to make beautiful and meaningful sound.

As a Song Weaver and Community Songleader, I find so much purpose and joy in creating inclusive, diverse, inter-generational gatherings of people singing together. In my hometown of Toronto, I lead two community choirs in the oral tradition, working closely with new refugees to create cross-cultural celebrations of song. It is my passion that this work is accessible and deeply nourishing for all.

In my workshops and retreats, I guide women to connect with their authentic, wild voice, to celebrate their full aliveness. The voice is the muscle of the soul, and when we free the voice, we free the person. There is an enduring magic that happens when women gather to sing – we remember our power, our rhythm, and our purpose.

Mila is the Founder of Sing for Joy, RiverSong Gathering, Heartbeat Retreat, and Co-Founder of Singing Alive on Kauai. She is overjoyed to return to the Spirit Weavers Gathering.


Mila will be sharing Reclaim your Voice