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Cedar Bloom will once again remain open for Campers over this next year, however we will close the land to the public in June, allowing for only the Spirit Weavers Community to come and gather in a different way.  The idea isn’t that we gather in our traditional way, because we know that it’s not the time to do so just yet. Rather, we are offering a place to commune with the land at the same time as other sisters and their families. The extent that we gather is completely determined by each individual and their own beliefs and boundaries around safety and what is right for them. We figured, since the land will be safely open to visitors for camping regardless,  why not reserve the month of June for our Spirit Weavers Community exclusively?! This is the perfect opportunity to put into place all of the skills and rituals you have learned over the years within your own camping pods.  With so many classes and experiences happening within the gathering it can often feel overwhelming. We have always dreamed of having a slow and nourishing gathering experience.  Let this be the year for this!  A Blessing in disguise perhaps?  Cedar Bloom is home to so many of us!  Come home and receive the love of this land.

If you would like to join us for this camping experience, you are invited to retreat at Cedar Bloom with the SWG Community in June! Instead of the 5 day curated gathering, you will be welcome to come camp on the land for 7 days and nights during the women only weeks, or bring up to 3 extra family members for 5 days and nights during the all-gender Family Camp weeks. With so many changes in the way in which we now gather, your participation ensures that we can move forward into 2022 and beyond!

This June camping experience will look different than the usual Spirit Weavers Gathering. Some things to note: We will not be holding scheduled skillshare classes, but you are still welcomed and encouraged to share skills within the community as pop up classes. We will not be providing any communal or included meals, and we ask that you come fully self contained with all food and any other camping needs.

We will still share our main Fire throughout the weekend, as well as the Tea House, our Ancestor Altar, a physically distanced DJ dance party on Saturday nights and trade blankets on Sundays.  The Camp Store will be open throughout the weekend, as well as the Sauna. With almost a mile of river throughout the land there will be plenty of private space for river swimming.  After many years of hustle and hard work, this year is an opportunity to retreat and give back to ourselves and the land in which we gather.

How it works:

If you decide to come to one of the Women’s Camps,  your pod site will include a picnic table and will be physically distanced from other sites. Your site can hold 7 people max –  up to 6 other ticket holders, as well as yourself.  If you are coming solo you may want to camp in the solo camping area and should bring your own table and chairs if needed.


June 2-8,  7 days of camping,  Wednesday – Tuesday

June 9-15, 7 days of camping,  Wednesday -Tuesday

Womens Camp: 50 sites max,  with up to 7 ticket holders per pod

If you decide to come to one of the Family Camps your site will include a picnic table and will be physically distanced from other sites. You can invite up to 3 additional members of your family to join your camp.


June 17-21, 5 days of camping,  Thursday-Monday

June 24-28, 5 days of camping,  Thursday-Monday

Family Camp: 50 sites with up to 4 family members per pod


Here are some of the safety guidelines that will be in place during the month: 

*Please note these guidelines are encouraged but not enforced to respect everyones personal and medical privacy and sovereignty.


~If you feel sick and are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID we ask that you stay home. If you drive to the land and start to feel symptoms we ask that you not enter the land and instead check in at the local clinic in town.

~You can only sauna within your pod or family and you will have to reserve your space to sauna. The Sauna will be cleaned after each use.

~All campers must come fully self-contained, meaning you must bring all of your own food & camping supplies.


~Wristbands are to be worn and will be given upon entry. They  will be color coded based around your comfort levels. Example, blue: no hugging, yellow: hugging, pink: please wear a mask around me, orange: fluid. You can state your choice when registering.

~ Coming & going from the land is discouraged as much as possible to keep risk minimal.


~We will have a full-time cleaning staff on the land during the month of June for all upkeep and cleaning of amenities each day.

~Extra handwashing stations have been put in throughout the land.

~Along with our 8 Eco Zioc Composting toilets, we also will have extra Porta Potties throughout the land.

We respectfully acknowledge that this offering may feel controversial for some, and extend this opportunity only to those who feel able to make the trip without putting themselves or anyone else in harm’s way.  

What does my ticket Include?

Women’s Camp:

7 days and 6 nights of Camping at Cedar Bloom with 200 other magical women

Yoga & Tea sessions

Pop up skillshare classes

Rest & retreat time along a mile of the Illinois River

Tea House curated teas each day

Dj & Dance party Saturday night

Trade Blanket on Sunday

Sauna & Showers

Nighttime fireside story share & song

Free Parking

Family Camp:

5 days and 4 nights of Camping at Cedar Bloom

Option to add upto 3 additional family members included in each ticket

Yoga & Tea sessions

Pop up skillshare classes

Rest & retreat time along a mile of the Illinois River

Tea House curated teas each day

Dj & Dance party Saturday night

Trade Blanket on Sunday

Sauna & Showers

Nighttime fireside story share & song

Free Parking

Whats not Included:

Accommodations. You must bring your own tents or accommodations or rent one from us here.

Meals. All campers must come self contained with their own food for the weekend.

*Please note we will not be curating any classes so all pop up classes will be dependent upon the community.  All class info can be shared upon our info board on the land.

Can someone attend who doesn't already have a 2020 ticket?

Yes, we have opened up spaces for the general public to also join us this year!

What about Accommodations?

We will have a variety of accommodations that you can purchase each weekend here.

If you previously purchased the Yurt & Stout Tent Accomodations for 2020, We will only be able to honor the Accommodations in Women’s Camp (June 9-15th) and the weekend of (June 17-21st) for Family Camp .  If these dates do not work you may transfer your accommodations to 2022.

Who can attend Women- Identifying Camp?

Participation is open to all female identifying women, non binary, gender fluid, two-spirit, transgender and cisgender beings regardless of their race, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, economic circumstance, or physical appearance.

What if I want to sell my ticket?

Since leaving Facebook this Winter we have switched over to Twickets which is a great place to sell tickets to others. We will post this link on our registration page so that others will be directed there to purchase tickets.  We ask that when you sell your ticket you email: to let our ticket company know.

Do I need to camp the entire 5 or 7 days?

No. You may arrive and depart when you wish as long as it’s in the time frame of the Camp you choose.  You just need to check in and out at the Info booth when you arrive and depart.

What Facilities and/or events will be open during the Campout?

We will not be having classes and meals will not be provided however, many of the areas of the gathering will still be open.  The Sauna is available by reservation each day.  Showers are open 24-7.  The Camp store will be open from 10-7 each day. The Tea house is open as self serve with hot water and tea bags set out. We will have a Trade Blanket on Sunday. The Ancestor Altar will be a place to pray and sit throughout the weekend. We will be having a DJ Dance party on Saturday night in the main meadow with plenty of space to physically distance.  Our Main fire will also be lit throughout the weekend.

Are Dogs allowed at Camp?

Yes, just as any Campground we allow dogs.  There is a $15 pet fee that you can pay during checkout and we ask that they are on a leash.

How many people will be at each weekend?

As many of you know,  the Cedar Bloom land on which we gather is also a campground. Last summer we hosted thousands of campers that came through the land to escape the cities, the fires and the stress of Covid-19.  Having the land open as a campground for the summer was a huge blessing for us.  It allowed us to create a safe space for families and friends to come and breathe in the fresh air of the forest, receive sunlight on their bodies and be in the company of folks they hadn’t seen in months! We witnessed hundreds of reunions which was so beautiful and heartfelt to experience.  If there is one thing that is safe to do during these times, it’s to be outside in nature. We were grateful that campgrounds were permitted to stay open this year,  as it allowed us to sustain ourselves through the year and stay afloat during these challenging financial times.  When looking into the typical campgrounds within the state that have remained open, most campgrounds have 200+ sites. With only 50 designated campsites on the land throughout the 100 acres,  we have been able to provide a safe place to camp, with plenty of physical distancing and safety precautions considered all year.  We would like to provide this space for our Spirit Weavers Campout for 2021 with 200 campers on the land per session.

Info to have ready for Registration

When you check out there will be a list of questions that you must have info for.  To make the registration process easier, please have all of the below info ready to go!

  1. Name of all Campers in your pod
  2. Which wristband you will choose to wear throughout the weekend (see options above in suggestions)
  3. What your camping set up will be like. Example: Tent, Van, Hammock
  4. Create a Unique name for your camping pod

Please note the extra fees that may occur: $15.00 pet fee, $88.00 for extra family members for Staff, Seva and Instructors and any additional  add ons such as accommodations. These will be available on this page April 1st.

Covid Camping Reviews from Summer 2020

(Camping during COVID with the same amount of people dispersed on the land as we will have for SW Camp June 2021)

See you at Cedar Bloom in June!

Thank you for navigating through these times with us. Your patience and flexibility means so much.  We hope to see you in June and if not,  in 2022 we shall gather once again.