jennette nielsen

jennette nielsen, born and raised in the pacific northwest, is a ritualist, animist, and embodied folkloric wild woman. she is a honey-drenched woodland witch, orphan wisdom school scholar, community centered herbalist, and bee priestess, studying & reclaiming the vibrant & vital gynocentric/yonic/pythonic ancient european shamanism of her beloved ancestors, who most recently were settler-colonialists to the midwest from the Scandinavian and Western Europe diaspora.

as a mother raising two sons, jennette has long studied earth-based ancestral skills alongside her boys and enjoys botanical dyeing cloth and paper, singing, basket weaving, yoga and dance, leather work, hand sewing, herb craft, gardening, and pottery.

jennette has been covening with women for years and not only hosts full/new moon circles, blessingways, and anchors the thresholds of birth, death and divorce in her community, but also organizes womens spiritual/creative covens around the world, most recently in the South of France, Sonoma, Ojai, New Orleans and the PNW. she loves to travel and most recently has touched her feet to Mother Earth in Peru, Oaxaca, Costa Rica, India, France and Bali. she will be hosting a creative make-to-mend Maker’s Coven in the mythic Aquitaine, France in the summer of 2020 and longs to visit her ancestral homeland of Denmark during that time too.

as a recently divorced woman, after 22 years of partnership, jennette is eager to hold space for a grief/relief exploration, story and resource share, and simple ritual in the Divorce, Uncoupling & Relationship Dissolution Skill Share.