Divorce, Uncoupling & Relationship Dissolution

this is a divorce, uncoupling, relationship dissolution skill share, for living in the anthroposcene, these are skills for living on earth, truly earth based skills, the skills of divorce, dissolution and uncoupling. this is a skill share based around what is usually looked upon as shadow work, but unearthed and excavated, is truly light work, the work of women in extreme self-care mode and often with very little support.

divorce is usually tough and often rough, and although conscious uncoupling is sometimes possible, we aren’t often exposed to the ways and means of graceful disentanglement. there are multiple and diverse reasons for experiencing or seeking a divorce and there are a myriad of experiences women have, accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions, before during and after experiencing the threshold of divorce. in our grief/relief and time of mystery, wether we initiated the divorce or not, engulfing waves of full spectrum feelings, ebb and flow. our lives unravel and we re-weave life into a new tapestry. we learn to witness and lean into our own evolution, firmly rooted in our potent maturing self-love and spiritual growth. we are regenerative and we re-bloom, discovering how divorce has the potential to be a catalyst and emancipator.

in this skill share, we are offering a safe place to ask questions about any aspect of divorce or relationship dissolution/uncoupling, share communal resources and our own stories, discover gynocentric community in this particular way of being broken open, support other women in this process, and craft simple ritual. our space is for ALL divorce experiences and ALL emotions, none being labeled or dismissed as bad/better. bring your anger, your rage, your sorrow, your grief, your shatteredness, your sweet relief, your tears and laughter. we will also explore: the tension and discomfort of potentially holding the polarity between grief and relief, what it feels like to be in the spiral of: detach, unfold, release, expand. we will look at the paradigm of Conscious Uncoupling and through other templates and lenses. we will discover how we feel about and what it means to be: liberated, unconstrained, independent, uninhibited, free, released, unfettered, unbridled, sovereign, have agency, autonomy and freedom after being coupled and leaving or being left. we will also talk about ways to honor the ending partnership, composting the relationship, letting it transform, returning it/giving it back to the earth, ending the contract and letting it dissolve. we will reflect on self-sabotage, silence, resilience, sister-keeper support systems, immediate solutions to overwhelm during the process, self-love, patience, acceptance, grief, spiritual practice, solitude, movement, singing, altar building, “negative” feelings, and boundaries.

as a recently divorced woman, after 22 years of partnership, jennette is eager to hold space for a grief/relief exploration, story and resource share, and simple ritual in the Divorce, Uncoupling & Relationship Dissolution Skill Share.