Trade Blanket

Many moons ago, communities came together to trade crafts, food and supplies between one another, and the Spirit Weavers trade blanket is a beautiful  opportunity to practice the lost art of the trade and barter system.  To practice in these old ways brings a sense of what it was like for our Ancestors of the past.  A loving hug and handmade creation as opposed to a monetary exchange will always feed the soul.


For the artists and makers of Spirit Weavers who are not vending in the marketplace, we also offer our trade blanket on Sunday which is a free space to set up your goods and is always a favorite event at the gathering.  This is a great way to give and receive offerings with other makers, with or without the exchange of money.

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We encourage the trade and barter system so that we can re-learn and honor the ways in which our Ancestors used to live amongst one another in community.  We support you in bringing the fruits of your creative labor to share. Trading is encouraged but not mandatory.