Drop Spindle Fiber Spinning

In this workshop, participants will learn the skill of fiber spinning with a drop spindle using natural, local sheep wool.

The drop spindle is a simple tool that, for thousands of years, has provided humans with the ability to spin plant and animal fiber. With the spindle, the fibers are twisted, creating strong, durable thread. Until very recently, all of our fabric, everything from the clothes on our backs, to the sails on our ships, began with hand spun thread.

This workshop will offer participants an intimate opportunity to remember these ancient, feminine ways that have been widely forgotten today. We will learn about the history of fiber spinning and different types of animal fibers and tools, sing songs and share stories, all while spinning our own skeins of yarn. Participants will come out of this workshop with enough knowledge and skill to confidently continue spinning at home!

Drop Spindle Fiber Spinning will be shared by Annyea Healy