Annyea Healy

Annyea is inspired by the natural world around her. A student and teacher of fiber arts, she is always looking to dive deeper into source. Through her creative practice, Annyea supports small and local farms, hand spins this wool on her wheel, uses plant dyes to create organic color, and crochets and weaves these threads to life. Annyea believes deeply that this type of creation supports the Earth in a beautiful way, and she is dedicated to spreading this awareness through action.

“By slowing down, and spinning fibers with our hands, we are remembering. We are spinning the past into the future and weaving prayers into cloth. We are making conscious, intentional effort to rise through the illusion. By using natural, locally and sustainablily sourced fiber, we are connecting with the earth in a beautiful, tangible way.” -A.H.

Annyea lives deep in a nourishing cedar forest with her family, in Nevada City, California. When she is not at her wheel or loom, she spends much of her time exploring the plant and animal kingdom, creating music, participating in ceremony, and growing food and medicine.

Her creative journey can be followed and supported on Instagram @niona_ki and on Etsy @medicinewheelthreads.

Annyea will be sharing Drop Spindle Fiber Spinning and Medicine Wheel Fiber Spinning.