Build a New Water Culture with Rain Gardens

Build a New Water Culture with Rain Gardens

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Gather in celebration and honor for our sacred waters and activate the rewilding of your resource footprint.

Current communities are often built around quickly collecting, concentrating, and conveying away any unused water that comes into our land and home. Gaia does the opposite by slowing down water’s flow through holding, dispersion, infiltration, and reuse to maintain healthy ecosystems and their dependence on clean water for life. Learn how visible stormwater infrastructure and water conservation and recycling strategies allow us to live with the land in a way that enhances planetary and societal health simultaneously. While gathering, we will open to the cycles of water on the planet and tincture our focus until we reach one accessible water system that has proven to be simple in its development, yet complex and far-reaching in its benefits ~ a rain garden.

We will explore the ins and outs of a rain garden and how this is used to connect communities together with nature while hosting rippling benefits like increased soil hydration, drought, flood, and fire protection, and native flora and pollinator habitat preservation. Gain hands-on experience with materials and collaboratively create discussion for how to design and construct water conservation strategies that work with your land and lifestyle. Leave empowered to bring forth the new water culture Gaia is dancing into the dawn of existence.

Build a New Water Culture with Rain Gardens will be taught by Apryl Dawn Uncapher.