Apryl Dawn Uncapher

Apryl Dawn Uncapher

Featured ImageFounder of Native Water Systems, Apryl is calling in a new water culture. She shapes communities with small-scale water conservation and reuse strategies that weave into a resilient network and build relationship between people and planet. She brings to life visible water infrastructure, like rain gardens, graywater orchards, and living architecture with experiential learning to balance the impact of climate extremes and inspire conscious resource relations. She is dedicated to building communities of land stewards that live with water, a lifestyle that tends our life-giving waters with care and gratitude.

Apryl has been healing the waters of our planet’s body for over 25 years. A visionary leader, she crafted an Interdisciplinary Design Engineering degree from Purdue University, merging materials science, industrial design, and environmental protection. She continued her calling by studying with pioneers in the field of water and their inspiring work, including John Todd’s living machines, Paul Stamets’ Mycoremediation, and Bill Wilson’s Stormwater and Wastewater systems. Her longest mentor, Gaia, has offered the greatest insights throughout her life, including many in the ways water flows and is held to maintain a perpetually regenerative water cycle.

Receiving the wisdom that we are only able to honor and tend the sacred water of Earth as much as we are able to honor and tend the sacred water of Self, her environmental water work began informing a unique field of wholistic trauma therapy – aerial somatic healing. Founding Sacred Sky Yoga, Apryl uses an AYRx therapy hammock to alchemize fluid movements and rhythms found in water and womb-states with the power of somatic therapy and neuroscience. Suspended body movement flowing in primal patterns awakens each molecule of water inside the human body with attuning calibration to divine flow and optimal living.

Currently stewarding sacred Miwok land on Mt. Tamalpais, Apryl enjoys her life in Northern California with her inventive life partner and two inspiring young teen daughters. Gather with her to explore the ins and outs of a rain garden and how this one small yet mighty tool activates the urgent rewilding of our footprint so we may walk together into the dawn of a new water culture.


Apryl will be sharing Build a New Water Culture with Rain Gardens.