Areola Area

Areola Area

Image by Anne Rivera at NCWHS

The Areola is a group of women committed to the path of  empowering and educating women on holistic breast health, one boobie at a time. We are trained in Ayurvedic  Lymphatic Massage and will be teaching women how to explore, map and understand the terrain of their breast tissue. We will be offering FREE breast checks within the safe container of our wellness tent throughout the gathering to women who are interested in opening a deeper conversation with their breast health. This can be a deeply profound, and often emotional experience as we re-awaken this deeply intuitive aspect of our bodies, and learn maybe for the first time, how to truly listen to what our breast tissue is telling us about our health. We offer a compassionate and safe space for women to explore their bodies and move through whatever may arise.

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Women who are interested in receiving a breast check will have the opportunity to enter our raffle Thursday evening after opening ceremony and winners will be selected  and posted Thursday night. We will be offering the breast checks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings during the morning class session, and women will have a chance to sign up for their desired timeslot.  Each woman who is selected will receive a 30 minute breast check and lymphatic massage as well as empowerment and education around their unique self-care needs from an elemental and Ayurvedic perspective. We are in deep gratitude to the traditions of Ayurveda and  our teacher, DeAnna Batdorff, for the deep wisdom of her teachings and her willingness to share them with us. May we continue to pass on this knowledge to all women everywhere!

Aerola Leads

Anja Robinson

Anja Robinson is founder of Mana Medicinals, a small holistic health company focused around women’s health, nutrition and empowerment. She is a Clinical Herbalist, Integrative Women’s Health Practitioner, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Lymphatic Breast Specialist and Full Spectrum Birth Doula. Anja is passionate about women’s health and believes that it is every woman’s birthright to have access to a healthy lifestyle in sync with the body’s natural rhythms. She is passionate about whole foods nutrition, botanical medicine and sustainability; for bodies and lifestyles, as well as for the Earth. Anja’s teachings and private practice weaves together traditional western herbalism, holistic nutrition, functional medicine and the wisdom of Ayurveda to help women, families and communities lead healthy, vibrant lives in harmony with our sacred ecosystems.

Jana Cruder

Jana Cruder is a Gerson trained detox juice therapist and graduate of the Deanna Batdorff School for Ayurvedic Medicine in Sebastopol, CA.  There she received her credentials as an Ayurvedic Specialist in early 2016 and is currently seeing clients under her healing practice  Jana is also Reiki certified and trained in intuitive bodywork and massage.  Jana’s passion and practice supports women integrating a holistic approach to healing by awakening the healer within.  Over the last six years Jana has been studying extensively with plant medicines and is deeply committed to holding and creating safe and sacred space for personal guided healing journeys.   Jana’s unique perspective around women’s health, elementally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and specifically around chronic dis-ease and cancer has aided her own personal growth as well as her work as a Ayuvedic lymphatic breast specialist.   Jana’s weaves together a respective and wisdom that bridges eastern and western philosophies and is rooted deeply in the Denae native beliefs and traditions.