Ann Nguyen

Ann Nguyen

Ann Nguyen is a homesteader with a love of flowers. She lives with her partner and their dog in Wiliams, Oregon.

Her passion for gardening and flowers began at Camp Joy Gardens, where she apprenticed for nearly two years. There she learned the art of cultivating numerous flowers, foliage, and seed pods, how to dry them, and how to shape them into beautiful, everlasting flower wreaths. A year after leaving Camp Joy to join her partner WWOOFing in Washington, she found herself still dreaming of flowers. Though they did not have a garden of their own, Ann wild harvested tansy, yarrow, cress, feathers, and many other bits and pieces of nature to make wreaths to gift to friends. It became obvious, this wasn’t just a phase.

When Ann and her partner settled in Williams Oregon, they quickly put their gardening skills to use and began planting as many seeds as possible, many of which they had collected from farms and homesteads. Their garden bloomed with beauty and abundance, and Ann dried the flowers and made wreaths. She especially loves creating unusual shapes and motifs,. From moon to owl, she does not restrict herself to any particular style or form, but rather lets her inner flowerchild play freely.

She sells her dried floral creations at craft fairs and online as well last teach workshops on wreath making and flower arranging. View more of her work at

Ann Nguyen will be offering Crescent Moon Wreath.