Alyssa Oddi

Sun worshiper, ocean dweller, and mountain climber, I have always been sustained by nature. Nature calls us to understand that all abundant life feeds on the versions of itself that have died before it. I retreat to the backcountry as often as possible to relearn and remember this, over and over. I am a Wilderness First Responder working towards becoming a counsellor in outdoor behavioral healthcare. My calling is to inspire each individual in my path to see past the veil of reality, and the extent to which we are active agents of its construction. I have been connected to the unseen and unconscious for as long as I can remember, and am fascinated by the interactions between self and other. I believe in my heart that we are all sacred mirrors to each other, and deeply resonate with the teachings of tarot, Jungian psychology, existentialism, and dream work.

I am never not in the middle of at least three art projects. Fiber art is my longest standing passion, and I connect deeply to the metaphor of weaving. Weaving teaches us that the fabric of reality is built through forming connections, and establishing meaning. By aligning with our intuitive essence, we gain access to abundant creative potential. Each of us is a vessel of manifestation, and through learning to channel this into art, we learn how to work majic into our day to day lives.


Alyssa Oddi will be teaching: Follow the Threads: Combining Fiber Art