Follow the Threads: Combining Fiber Skills

The practice of fiber art not only connects us to our ancestral past but also is a tool in reflecting on what we actively manifest into our existence. We will gather in a weaving circle as our grandmothers did. Along with learning about the history of fiber art, we will also discuss the psychological process of construction, and how we actively make sense of our world through drawing connections, and establishing meaning. As we challenge ourselves as artists through combining macrame, weaving, and crochet, we will connect this concept of construction to the meditative practice of fiber art. In doing so, we will reveal the ways that we “follow the threads” in our own lives. We do not always understand what our creative essence calls us to manifest, but through trusting our intuition in art, we are empowered to trust our intuition as our ultimate guide. Weave a more intricate web with your hands, and in your walk. We are the tapestry, the weaver, and the loom.


Alyssa Oddi will be sharing Follow the Threads: Combining Fiber Skills