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Thank you for being here.   I would love to share a bit about my journey so you can feel into if we’re the right fit for each other!

Welcome Dreamers! After a decade of working for myself and starting four thriving businesses from the ground up, I am now available to share personal and professional support and strategy with your business or unique vision.  

As a child growing up in Southern California, I got to witness my Father start his own business in the printing industry, which has been thriving for the last 40 years! I loved helping my Mama with the bookkeeping, writing checks and observing this family business they had created together. It seemed easy, so I started creating my own small hustles, like a flower arranger where I would pick flowers from all of the neighbors’ yards, and then would then place them in a bouquet and sell it back to them. Ha! I even had a nail business where I would give all of my friends manicures, pedicures and even acrylics (it was the 80’s, what can i say?)

And of course every business had to have its own set of business cards, that thankfully my Dad was there to print them up for me. I have always loved bringing a vision to life! If something comes through to me, you bet I will be there to bring it to the people. 

Neither of my parents attended College so it was never encouraged or even discussed much.  After High School I started working for my Dad in the office and learned a ton of business skills.  I did attend a local Community College for a few years to study Photography which has been a tool in my belt that I have been able to carry with me thoughout all of my other endeavours. 

In 2006 when Etsy first began, I was one of the very first leather workers on the site.  I crafted leather guitar straps, wallets and jewelry selling them on the road with my musician friends. I left the US to live in New Zealand with my beloved Agustin where I continued to sell my goods and started a blog about my travels and life as a new mother.  We arrived on Kauai in 2008 to birth and raise our daughter when a naked yoga breastfeeding image of my daughter Naia and I went viral sending thousands of women and mothers to my blog, Daughter of the Sun. The reaction from the public allowed me to realize that breastfeeding and self care for Mothers needed to become more normalized.  

I received a vision of gathering Women from all walks of life to come together to share and hold space for one another through Ceremony, Ritual and Craft. In 2013, I birthed the Spirit Weavers Gathering which has become an annual event each June where thousands of Women come to be nourished and held by our Sisters amongst Nature.   Moving into it’s 9th year, the gathering has sold out every year in just minutes! It has become known as a nourishing space for women of all walks of life to come together to be celebrated just as they are. 

In 2017 I purchased 100 acres in Southern Oregon to hold our Annual Gathering.  Little did I know, the land soon became a thriving Retreat space and Campground for all to enjoy.  Like the seasons, the land is much quieter in the winter with mostly seasoned campers stopping in.  But come Summer, Cedar Bloom is your glamping dream come true! Our team has built cabins, domes, bath houses, saunas and so much more throughout the land.  Cedar Bloom holds a Commercial Kitchen and Camp Store which I also manage. The land has a mile of the Illinois River that runs through it which allows for the perfect outdoor escape. 

With over a decade of experience bringing dreams into reality, I am ready and excited to share my process with you.  This is an opportunity for those who are sincere and ready to receive support in honoring their deep call to serve on a path of alignment. Whether you just want to pick my brain with some questions, or you’re really ready to take the next steps towards building your own business, I am honored and excited to work with you!

I look forward to meeting with you!

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