Windsong Martin

Windsong Martin is a singer, songwriter and women’s ceremonial guide from Southern Oregon with a passion for singing with others. She has been participating in women’s ceremonial circles for 37 years and hosted the “Good Medicine Women’s Retreat” for 20 years running. She is active in Women’s Ceremony in her community and wherever she travels. She has written and gathered a wealth of songs written for women. . In her workshops Windsong will guide you thru a selection of chants, songs and suggestions for rituals specific to the phases of a woman’s life.
Windsong is currently working on a book and CD soon to be released, focused on this theme, which will include songs, rituals and wonderful photos collected from years of experiences with a wide reaching community of women. You can stay updated on her website


Windsong wil be sharing Ceremonial Songs For a Woman’s Life and Rituals for Birth and Coming of Age.