Wilderness Navigation, Shelters, and First Aid

Wilderness Navigation, Shelters, and First Aid

This class will focus on 3 main areas of technical wilderness skills: navigation, shelters, and first aid. It will be a collaborative space where our community can learn skills that allow us to explore wild spaces and bring us closer to our ancestors and earth relations.

Some of the main skills include how to read a topographical map, orient with a compass, and chart a course. The class will also cover how to build shelters using technical knots, as well as the basics of wilderness first aid to ensure safe passage.

We have received years of mentorship and training through guiding in places like the Idaho Panhandle, the Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan Islands, and throughout the Cascade Mountains. We share skills in backpacking, and have varied experience in swift and open water travel, as well as winter environments.

We appreciate being privileged enough to have learned wilderness skills because we believe that spending time in untouched land is what brings us back to ourselves. Ultimately we hope to impart a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge for those seeking mentorship in the outdoor space.

Wilderness Navigation, Shelters, and First Aid will be taught by Beth Capra-Smith & Alyssa Oddi.