Virtual Weave Teaching Schedule*


Thursday 3/18
Opening Ritual, Cedar Bloom
Instructor Class Name
Friday AM 3/19
Tea & Yoga 7:30-8:30am

each day

Davana Singletary
Flower and Flow: Yoga + Aromatherapy
Baelyn Elspeth
Katina Mercadnate A Spirit Weavers’ Initiation
Tiffany Janay Crystals & Wombs
Jennifer Moonbrick
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Fermentation: Kimchi
Corinne Loperfido Minimalism for Maximalists
Carly Jo Carson
Finding Purpose :: a shamanic breathwork journey
Thérèse Cator
Pleasure As A Pathway to Healing and Liberation
Brea Fisher Quan Yin Five Element Qigong
Taylor Phinney Drum journey
Aiyah Geier Making fresh mozzerella
Tehya Shea Weaving
Friday PM

Medicine Ragdoll Making

Ancestry & Positionality within the Pandemic
Aki Hirata Baker
Breath of Manifestation: Quetzalcoatl Breathwork
Elise Higley Folk Medicine Making
Sweet Medicine Nation Global Vision Quest Today -Forever
Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman Braided Blood
Milla Prince The Daughters of Baba Yaga
Ana Anu Come by Apple Pie
Isis Indriya Art of Divination
Jaguar Womban
The Circle of Light: Oshun Activation Wombsteam Ritual
Dani LaVoire
Community DeathCare, Advocacy and Grief
STAGE: 7pm Mila Redwood Song Weavers Circle
Saturday AM 3/20
Sibyl Buck
Jolene Star Crystal Cosmic Sound Ceremony
Shele Jessee Bird Language
Paola Ix Tzunun & Mariana Abaroa I´x Cacao Ceremony
Sára Abdullah
Tending the Hearth: Herbs and Rituals for Immunity
Portia Richardson
Collaborative Re-imagining for Changing Times
Marissa Correia Remembering Our Rhythms
Ali McWeeny Mama Bear Basics
Kelsey Barrett
Sex & Plants: The Mythology of Eros in the Natural World
Midori Uehara Miso 101
Heather Wilson Jade Egg: Rooting & Raising
Saturday PM
Luna Grace Isbell-Love Dancing in the Ashes
Lizzy Jeff
Black History, Afro Futurism & White Accountability in the New Earth
Stargazer Li Meeting This Moment
Baelyn Elspeth Tea and Wisdom from the Leaf
Eve Bradford
Reclaiming Eros: Sex as Medicine, Art, Activism & Prayer
Windsong Martin
Ceremonial Songs for a Woman’s Life
Taira Restar
Activate Your Courage, Calm and Creativity in Corona Times and Beyond
Achinyta Devi Full Moon Eclipse Ceremony
Nathalie Kelley, Jade Begay, Chloe Indigenous Allyship
Fe Burkley
Sacred Twerks: Energetic Sensual Liberation
Sunday AM 3/21
Candice Neaves
Earth Mama Soul Flow: Yoga for Radiant Womb Health
Baelyn Elspeth
Rhythm Maat Fundementals of Grief
Vienna Farlow
Making the Switch to Natural Birth Control
Sarah Maclean Bicknell
The Dark Goddess: ceremony and truth
Medicine Ragdoll Making
Cameron Green
Handcrafted Sauerkraut- Culturing Food Love
Sandra Bowling
Re~source for self care sharing circle
Empowerment through connection: mushroom medicine
Melissa Baron The Waning Moon Years
Healing Insecurity: A Journey with Plant Spirit Medicine
Sarah Naia Soleil Spirit Baby Communication
Sunday PM
Jane Anne Thomas
Psychic Ownership : Creating Safe Pathways to Self-Growth in Times of Acceleration
Sunder Ashni & Steohanie Moreno
Restoring Goodness: Arts and Somatics to Soothe the Soul
Em Hexe Intuitive Tarot 101
Tamara Wilder
IUD Awareness Story: Are They Really Safe?
Staci Ivori Shadow of the Goddess
Ayana Young
Mea & Community Spirit Weavers story share
Maria Calderon Natural Dye
May Salem DIY moon pads
STAGE: 7pm DJ Amanda Kobritz
Monday: Closing Ritual 3/22
Cedar Bloom