The Uterus- Our Inner Compass

The Uterus- Our Inner Compass

Additional ImageThe Areola Presents:
“ The Uterus –
Our Inner Compass “

In honor of Ms. Beatrice Torres Waight of Belize

In this class we will discuss creating a safe and sacred container
Womb Space. Rooted Energy. Anatomical Placement
● No shame environment
● Normalizing through Touch & Care
● Facing fears is empowering
● Education is everything
● Individuality is the key to a healthy life
Together we will be facing fear of the unknown while investigating our womb space with love, care, and curiosity. We will investigate our tissues and find solutions and remedies that work for us. As we re-awaken this deeply intuitive aspect of our bodies and learn how to truly listen to what our tissues are telling us about our health, we will co-create a compassionate and safe space for everyone to explore their bodies and move through whatever may arise.
The uterus is explored through the abdominal tissues, internal examination is not needed to find it or support it. We will be showing you how to identify if the uterus is out of alignment and how to gently bring it back into alignment. The uterus is our body’s internal compass, returning the uterus to its natural position can not only bring relief from painful menses, but can bring a deeper sense of embodiment and personal power. How amazing that in just 5 minutes the uterus can be massaged and returned home by gravity itself.

I will be teaching:
● How to locate the uterus anatomically
● How to use gravity to flow it back home to the central womb
● How to hold space for uterus bearing bodies
● Including: 3 live demos & practice hands-on care

The Uterus will be shared by DeAnna Batdorff, Ayurvedic Practitioner, MyBody Educator, Lymphatic Specialist