When Women Gather Spirit Songs

Since ancient times, women have gathered together to sing songs — to celebrate the cycles of the moon and sun, to mark special moments in life and community, and to share in the daily gifts of tending to land, home, and earth. There is an enduring magic that happens when women gather to sing. Through the weaving

of our voices, we remember our power, our rhythm, and our purpose.
Singing together is one of the most ancient and original technologies of belonging that humans have used since the earliest times, possibly before speech itself. In cultures worldwide, women have gathered to sing as an offering of praise, gratitude, and prayer for the earth that sustains us, for the gods and goddesses that nourish us, and for the gift of being alive. Song-weaving is an act of making beauty together, creating a unique work of

art in the moment.
Weaving our voices in song is also a way that women can mobilize power, express

identity, and metabolize grief. Many of us have experienced how singing can unite people at protests and rallies, to create positive change in the world. Singing together can also help us to mourn the losses of what we love, allowing the songs to be a healing balm for grieving hearts. In this way, songs are tools that can be used for various functions, with potent medicine and purpose.

Listed below are twelve treasured songs that have been shared over the last ten years at the Gathering.  Their song carriers have been generous to share with us not only the songs, but also the stories and origins of them.  Thank you for these songs.  May they open your heart and lift your spirit as they have ours.



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