Shuttle Information

Shuttle FAQ and REQUIRED Form :


This is my first time at the gathering, is taking a shuttle the best option for me? 
Shuttles are a great way to travel and meet new friends.


What pass should I buy for my flight time?
Getting to the Gathering: 

  • My flight lands the night before or before 9:40am → buy a 10am pass from Medford to SWG 
  • My flight lands before 12:02pm → buy a 12:20pm pass from Medford to SWG
  • My flight lands after 12:20pm → don’t buy a pass. Check the getting here page for alternative rides from the airport

Leaving the Gathering:

  • My flight leaves before 11:30am → don’t buy a pass. Check the getting here page for alternative rides from the airport
  • My flight leaves between 11:30am and 1:30pm → buy a 9:30 pass from SWG to Medford
  • My flight leaves between 1:30pm and 5:30pm → buy a 11:30 pass from SWG to Medford
  • My flight leaves after 5:30pm → buy a 3:30 pass from SWG to Medford

If you are staff, seva, or an instructor and need to arrive early, check out our Wednesday shuttle pass. Attendees are not permitted to arrive early. See our what to expect page for more details.


The shuttle won’t work for my schedule. What should I do?

Check out our getting here page for alternative ways to travel. 


How long is the drive from the airport to the gathering?
About 1 hr 15 min (without stops). The shuttle makes a 20 minute courtesy stop at Goosberries grocery on the way to the Gathering. This is to allow you time to grab snacks and some food before getting here. Use the restroom before leaving the airport.


What time are the opening and closing ceremonies?

Opening ceremony starts at 3pm on Thursday. Closing starts around 8am with breakfast and rituals. Shuttles leave during the group photo after closing ceremony, around 10am.


Can I change my shuttle time?

Unfortunately, no. Shuttle times are fixed, non-refundable, and non-transferable due to high demand. SWG isn’t responsible for missed flights. 


Can I take the shuttle without a flight?

Of course! We meet at Medford Airport at the assigned time at the departures area. Be sure to indicate this when you buy your pass.


What if I miss a shuttle with no available seats on another?

SWG isn’t responsible, but you can explore alternative options on SWG Mighty network page.


Where do we meet?

Additional information and a map will be sent to you prior to the Gathering.


I need additional help or another question.
Email for assistance. 

To book a shuttle:

1. Purchase tickets Here

2. Keep this page open and fill out the form below

    Bravo Outtings is a fully licensed and insured company. Clicking the box above indicates that you have read and agree that Spirit Weavers Gathering is released from all liability related to the shuttle bus transportation.