Shuttle Information

Shuttle FAQs:


This is my first time at the gathering, is taking a shuttle the best option for me? 
Shuttles are a great way to travel and meet new friends.


How long is the drive from the airport to the gathering?
The drive is about 1 hr and 15 minutes (not including 1 stop). Be sure to use the bathroom before you leave the airport!


For attendees, keep in mind that there will also be a quick stop at Gooseberries (grocery store) in Grants Pass, not far from the gathering. This is to allow you time to grab snacks and some food before getting to the gathering, since dinner is much later on Thursday eve (6pm) and no food is provided until that time.


After I purchase a shuttle pass, what should I expect?
Within a week, you’ll receive a confirmation email from the shuttle lead sharing a document with more information about your shuttle.


What happens if I miss a shuttle and there is no room on any other shuttle bus?
As mentioned above, SWG is not liable for any missed or cancelled flights, as SWG is not in control of this unforeseen changes and have already paid for the shuttles in full in advance. Shuttle seats are non-refundable and non-transferable.


If you miss a shuttle and there is no room on another bus, you will have the opportunity to find an alternative way to arrive to the gathering. From The SWG Mighty network page, Ricky rides, uber/lyft, Greyhound, Shirley Little Green Taxi, Sheryl or Monique and more. We recommend you keep a physical copy of alternative options to be prepared for any changes.


How long is the drive to the airport, from Cave Junction?
The drive is about 1 hr and 15 minutes with no traffic and up to 1.5 hours if there is traffic in the afternoon only, and there are no stops! Be sure to use the bathroom before you leave.


Can I change my shuttle time?
At this time, it’s important that we set the expectation that your shuttle time is 100% locked in place. Most shuttles will sell out quickly, and we have attempted to “consider everything” in terms of accommodating the arrival/departure of other attendees using the shuttles. You can reach out to if anything changes at your earliest convenience and we will adjust whenever possible.


What time is opening ceremony and closing ceremony?
Opening ceremony starts promptly at 3pm.
For closing ceremony , there is a light breakfast and closing ritual starting around 8am. Closing ritual will start a little after 8am and end around 9:30am. Between 9:30am and 11am there will be the final gathering photo taken. (Keep in kind the shuttles will leave promptly during this time, and will not wait. If you want to be in the pictures, you are responsible for ensuring your flight is leaving in the late afternoon)

To book a shuttle:

1. Purchase tickets Here

2. Keep this page open and fill out the form below

    Bravo Outtings is a fully licensed and insured company. Clicking the box above indicates that you have read and agree that Spirit Weavers Gathering is released from all liability related to the shuttle bus transportation.