shele jessee

shele jessee

I am a maker, and a doer, a horsewoman, a rancher, a sister and a daughter. I live my life with as much intention as I can, and follow my heart as much as possible. The only things that get in the way of that sometimes are my head, and society.

I have studied horsemanship, yoga, nature connection work, primitive skills, equus/life coaching, permaculture and probably more. I am a studier of life, I like to know how to do things and why we are the way we are. And try to live my own life artfully.

I believe we all have very limiting beliefs, and stories of hardship that get in our way of who we truly want to be and that these things limit how we show up in the world and who as well as how we love.

My craft-
My craft is what I make, my art form. It changes seasonally but I also am making as much as possible, this is my own meditation and helps keep my hands busy, my heart full and my mind quiet.

My business-
Hollow Bone is also a business, where I sell sustainable creations. I love fashion and believe we deserve the finest goods made of the best materials. These materials to me are linen, cotton, wool and silk. I offer sheepskins and other leather goods. As much as possible I salvage materials from their respective industries. I believe there is so much greenwashing in main stream marketing and instead try to tell the story of where the materials are from and the stories of the objects.

Shele Jessee will be sharing Intuitive Leather bags & Pouches