Shele Jessee

My passions are being in the mountains amongst the cool running streams and vibrant dawn chorus, feeling the open air and working hard, playing with my hands in the dirt, planting food and medicinals, and diving into the art of making. My practice is to walk in beauty way. I love all animals and have a particular connection with horses. I grew up on a beautiful ranch in the foothills of northern California. Riding horses everyday I found my place in the world amongst the intuitive and gentle.

Surrounded by tall whispering pines. A Great Horned owl living in the tree outside my window introduced me to the bird world at a young age. Quail are one of my first memories along with coyotes howling in the night. These are the memories I began my life with and the place I come from. My goal in life is to find the place where I make a difference in whatever way and hope that I may introduce you to the wild places of your heart.

Currently living on the Central Coast of California, I am a certified Wilderness First Responder, level 2 Cybertracker, Permaculture designer, Graduate of the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness Program, Graduate of Weaving Earth, Body Movement instructor and an herbalist. I work with kids and adults in the wild places, make herbal medicines and handcrafted jewelry pieces. I operate a small scale tannery and am passionate about handmade well sourced goods.


Shele Jessee will be sharing: The Language of the Birds, Simple Leather Sandals and Soft Fiber baskets.