Saoirse Byrne

Saoirse Byrne

Cordage is ancient and foundational. In our modern world it is hiding all around us- in the clothing that we wear and all of the activities that would not be possible without a simple length of cord. Having worked with textiles for decades, I was flabbergasted when I first learned that beautiful thread could be made with no tools other than our own hands.

My exploration of cordage began with learning to twist wild harvested plants. Curious, I applied the process to the abundance of materials in my studio and life. I had held onto my great grandmother’s threadbare handkerchief for decades- precious but altogether unusable. As cordage it became a strong, loving reminder of her- a necklace that I could wear and a process that I could share.

For over ten years I have been teaching folks how to turn the fabrics that they hold dear into cordage necklaces- honoring the people and experiences of our lives. Cordage has become the foundation of my artistic practice. It continually draws me back in.

There are people with great skill and generosity who have kept these skills alive and have shared their learning. I am grateful to them and it is a joy to pass these skills on. Please join me.

Saoirse Byrne will be sharing Cordage as Adornment and Open Cordage Circle.