Sacred Incarnation: Natal Chart Portraits

Sacred Incarnation: Natal Chart Portraits

Tropical Astrology is an Earth-based medicine that honors the dance of polarities and changing seasons as Earth spins around our light source, Sun. A Natal Chart is a map or interpretation of the planetary positions during the exact moment and place of your birth. A Natal Chart captures your first impression of light and vibration, setting a tone for your perception and personality.

We will cover any Astrology that wants to be discussed and also highlight the four sacred angles of a Natal Chart. Orientations to geographical cardinal points can be an important prelude to ritual work. Likewise, the Natal Chart shows us the “location” of potentials, energies, patterns, gifts, and difficulties that comprise our life story and how they are anchored into this world. Natal Charts are about your particular soul’s incarnation and finding your sacred space and celestial consciousness.

This workshop will include movement and meditations to understand and ground concepts. The second half of our class invites students to draw their own natal chart, or an aspect of their chart, as technically, creatively, or intuitively as they prefer. Each student will leave with an astrology packet, their own hand-drawn natal chart (great for altars, fridges, & cork boards), and a greater understanding of the sacred anchors of their soul’s incarnation.

During class sign ups I will ask students for the place and time of their birth. If you do not know, all is well, and we will still be able to craft your Natal Chart.

Sacred Incarnation: Natal Chart Portraits will be shared by Gabriela D’Elia.