Pride Tent

A vision planted from the seeds of past gatherings, we bring to you the Pride Tent.

Our mission is to instill and foster love and respect throughout the entire community, to celebrate all SOULS no matter your gender identity, sexual preferences, race, ability, ethnicity, size, or body you were born into. We gather to honor ourselves, our community, and our ancestors before us. By providing resources, education, support and a safe space for our LGBTQ2IA+ family, we will act as a container for you to be seen, heard and validated. Along with a full curriculum of classes each day, we will also be holding dinner parties every evening with an assortment of discussion topics from Queer Spirituality to Queer History! And be on the lookout for our other special events, including midday casual speed dating, dusk drag shows, and intellectual panel discussions on intersectionality. Bring your joy, bring your sadness, bring your costumes, bring your stories. WE ARE HERE. – and we have always been here –


Our purpose is to gather strength as we all come together to create change and (r)evolution. As white, able bodied folks, we both recognize that our perspectives and needs do not reflect the whole. In this light, we hold our role as facilitators loosely and look to You, the greater community, to tell us what you are needing and wanting from this space.

Keep an eye out on the Spirit Weaver’s Instagram for interactive posts where you can tell us what kinds of classes, events, and resources you want to see in this space. We also welcome you to email us with any feedback, suggestions, questions and concerns. -Our emails can be found in our bios.


We so look forward to celebrating you. 


With Gratitude and Open Hearts,


Angela Caruso and Jacks Pleus 

Meet our Pride Tent Facilitators

Jacks Pleus


Angela Caruso- they/she

Angela is a non-binary, queer being who lives in the desert practicing food medicine, healing arts and Soul EVOLution. Originally from the Ozarks, Angela moved to Arizona to attend the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.They have their AOS in Holistic Healthcare with a concentration in Mind/Body Transformational Psychology, specializing in Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. Angela also completed the Master Massage Program, specializing in Cranial Unwinding, Polarity Therapy and Reflexology. Although spirituality is their main joy, they also love learning, crafting, music, dance, books, food, laughter, outdoor activities, and a good cry. Angela’s greatest passion is to serve their LGBTQ2IA+ community to bridge divides, heal shame, fear and trauma, celebrate love and to help others step into their Queer Power. You can reach Angela at or on instagram  @soul_seeker_az