Rhoda Lazo Todoran

Rhoda Lazo Todoran

I believe life is a brief and beautiful journey, meant for endless exploration. Thus, I’ve lived a varied life in many parts of the world. Wearing various hats—Waldorf unschooling mama, joyous partner, multi-disciplinary artist, writer, entrepreneur, and reiki-infused rebirthing breathwork facilitator—I continue to navigate diverse avenues for self-expression.

In my offerings, I emphasize earth-based mindfulness, creating a space for individuals to connect with Divine and Earth energies. This fosters heart-centeredness as the source of personal empowerment.

My enthusiasm is fueled by a genuine love for the human experience and a profound passion for continually uncovering our interconnectedness and inner nourishment. I firmly believe that peace starts within ourselves when we simply open up to being in awe of being alive and align our values with our daily lives—a philosophy I strive to embody.

Beyond the Spirit Weavers gathering, I’ve facilitated workshops for the Origins Gathering in Costa Rica, Soho House in Malibu, and the House of Intuition in Los Angeles. Now based in Salt Lake City, UT, I hold space for Reiki-Infused Rebirthing Breathwork sessions, community circles, and workshops for both groups and individuals.

Rhoda will be sharing Cordage & Coil Basket Weaving and Reiki-Infused Rebirthing Breathwork.