Path of the Deer Mother

Path of the Deer Mother

Almost every region of the Earth has a local version of the deer, from Ancient Europe to the Steppe and from Asia to the Americas. Deer species have roamed the planet for over 3.5 million years. They are entwined with humanity on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. In many world cultures, the Deer Mother, Deer Goddess, or Sacred Feminine-as represented by a Deer, is a figure of veneration, petitions, miracles, fertility, and empowerment.

The ubiquity of the Deer Mother archetype in global myth suggests an interdependent co-arising of human awareness, as our ancestors interfaced with her sacred species across vast territories. She is a narrative locus for many stories of women’s mysteries worldwide. We can gather in the depths of her liquid eyes and her trembling heart to learn and support one another in sisterhood, camaraderie, and mutual compassion. The Deer Mother also offers us a lens through which we can collectively track and grieve the steadfast march of humanity’s destructive tendencies on the planet.

Under her steady gaze, we can restore ourselves, re-commit to all that is holy, and connect with the inherent wisdom of her transcendent presence which benefits all.

In this multi-session class, we will study the Deer Mother vis-a-vis several disciplines: biology, history, archaeology, and anthropology. We will also experience her within ritual practices. Slowly, throughout our sessions, we will unveil the essence of the Deer Mother and embody her qualities and presence more fully in our bodies, thoughts, and attitudes.

Deer Mother work is matriarchy work, in the classical sense. Not “power over” but “power with and for” others. The Deer Mother says, “What is safe for the most vulnerable among us is safe for all.” Together, we will wend our way along the Deer Mother’s path to connect the threads and re-awaken the ancestral memories of the times and spaces in which humanity looked to the matriarchal reindeer herds across the world for societal structure and best practices. Yeshe Meryemana Matthews invites you to join the herd and walk the Path of the Deer Mother in this class.

Path of the Deer Mother will be offered by Yeshe Meryemana Matthews.