Our kitchen magician for the weekend Tami, draws from years of experience with food preparation through her roles as personal chef, restaurant owner,  and large event caterer. We will be choosing from a rainbow of organic vegetarian foods. Nature has provided all the ingredients in whole foods to nourish the body as a temple. That means putting the finest of ingredients into our bodies. When you feel truly nourished from whole foods, it opens up doors: doors to health, and doors to happiness.


You can expect colorful vibrant meals consisting of an abundance of seasonal local produce, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, and herbal teas.  We will have a special line for those needing allergen free meaning no gluten, soy, or peanut. We will also have a special line for those who choose a vegan meal.  We have bone broth available throughout the gathering as well.  If you know that you have very specific dietary needs, or severe allergies, we ask that you contact us and prepare accordingly.  If you need additional substance please bring snacks for yourself and children.


Our food is harvested with love, prepared with love, and served with love. The kitchen weavers maintain a fun, optimistic, and energetic environment: a contagious attitude transmuted into the food, to really nourish the soul.
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Please remember, Breakfast and Dinner is included however lunch is not.  It takes a full day to prepare two separate meals serving 700 of us.  With space and camp kitchen resources it is nearly impossible to make food for 700 women for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  One meal alone is a giant task! The Kitchen Crew will make and prepare over 15,000 meals during our time together.  We welcome you to enjoy our beautiful lunch food vendors Lydia’s and Angela’s Desserts or you can head into town and visit Diggin’ Livin.  Diggin’ Livin’ is our local organic market that has a plentiful variety of goods.  It’s a smaller co-op but we love their selections.  Many choose to prepare food for lunch prior to the gathering and share meals together.  A communal food share is a common practice for lunchtime at Spirit Weavers.  It’s really up-to you! Ice can be purchased in town just 5 mins away.   If you are flying in, you may want to have a sister who is driving pick up food for you as well.  Come nourish yourself: your body, your mind, and your soul.

Solar Return, one of our loving returning vendors and dessert makers, will be selling a handful of healthy, delicious  and colorful desserts during lunch and dinner hours. We also have Lydia’s beautiful meals available and warm and cool drink for lunch each day.

In spirit of simple living on the land, please remember to bring your own bowl, cutlery, cup, and any other food utensil you need. These will not be available at the gathering in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. We have dish washing stations available throughout each session.
Meet Our Vendors

Solar Return

Solar Return is a cosmic dessert boutique in Echo Park, Los Angeles, opened in 2018 by longtime Spirit Weaver Tracy Conti and her husband Stephen McCarty. After sharing Stephen’s full-sized organic rainbow raw vegan cheesecakes at many special celebrations, we developed an ice cream recipe that followed our ethos of premium quality sustainable ingredients and top shelf deliciousness while featuring Stephen’s unique handmade designs rendered in superfood rainbow colors, on an easy-to-eat popsicle format! All of our desserts are 100% vegan, organic, gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free, colored with fruits and herbs, and made with love!


Born in Paris, France, and hailing from the Sonoma, California Wine Country, Lydia Kindheart, founder of Lydia’s Kind Foods, and one of the original pioneers in the conscious food movement, has served over a million fans with her vitalizing, multi-award-winning, organic, gluten-free and utterly delicious plant-based cuisine.


Lydia has garnered a massive following for her ayurvedic, nutritive and holistically wholesome products sold at health retailers across North America, and at West Coast conscious living and music festivals.


Having founded 5 San Francisco Bay Area vegan health restaurants, including one of the largest vegan eatery and community event centers in the United States, Lydia has dedicated her life to healing others through complementary nutrition, in addition to being a spokeswoman for positive environmental change, and an advocate for organic farmers and sustainable food manufacturing.

Lydia is looking forward to serving her beautiful food again at Spirit Weavers.

Meet our Kitchen Staff

Casandra Kelly

Casandra Kelly is a chef and caterer. They have a background in restaurant management, organic farming, folk herbalism, and alternative cooking styles. Casandra’s mission is to create simple digestible meals that bring the flavor of the base ingredients to the foreground. Their emphasis when cooking is thoughtfully sourced and seasonal wild foods, choosing local products whenever possible. Casandra proudly identifies as a queer individual, and uses they/them as well as she/her pronouns.


Gabriellia Ramos

Gabriella has always found herself working in and around kitchens, so it’s no surprise that when she first decided to attend Spirit Weaver’s Gathering, she chose to do so through the seva program as a volunteer in the kitchen. Since 2016, she’s been working alongside Tami and the kitchen crew and has now grown into the role of being the lead coordinator for kitchen seva, tending to all of their needs and striving to create a safe, yet lively space to work within. Being in the kitchen deeply nourishes her spirit and she could not see herself attending the gathering in any other way.