Noelani Love

Noelani Love

Featured ImageNative Hawaiian singer/songwriter Noelani Love combines soulful & conscious lyrics with upbeat ukulele melodies to inspire her listeners and create social change through the spirit of ALOHA. Intuitively channeled by Spirit, Noelani’s original sounds activate a primal, earthly + feminine vibration.

As a sound alchemist, she also plays crystal alchemy bowls to invite in angelic frequencies and light language. She invites you to sing/tone/hum along to experience the power of your own voice.

Her music is a healing tool to unite people in a peaceful revolution through the vibration of love.

Noelani has released multiple albums and her music can be found on all digital streaming platforms.

“I sing to remember that we are all sacred. My desire is that these lyrics inspire you to honor your connection to nature + your journey on Earth. As a crystal healer, plant medicine guide, water priestess and yoga + mediation teacher, I empower you to shine your light.”

Noelani Love will sharing Vocal Awakening