Menopausal Dreamwork

Menopausal Dreamwork

From Motherhood to Menopause: Using Dreamwork to Vision Through Life Transitions.

This is a 2 part-class, designed for individual participation or a deeper exploration if taken over two days, we’ll weave the power of Dreamwork into the transition from motherhood to menopause.

Together, we will discover the power within this life stage as we explore the societal and self-rejections during perimenopause. Each participant will uncover how, amid the ‘hot flashes’ of change, women burn away impurities, standing firm for what truly matters. What was once tolerated becomes intolerable, and we emerge with a newfound strength and empowerment.

Dreamwork will be the guide in this process. Participants will learn to unravel the messages our dreams hold, providing insights into the next steps of this transformative journey. By connecting dream symbolism to waking life, participants gain practical tools for decision-making related to our physical and mental well-being. All from our very own dreams. Dreaming is a beautiful way to inform and empower our unique choices for our unique bodies.

Participants can expect tangible benefits such as heightened self-awareness around the beautiful and empowering transition from motherhood to menopause, a clearer vision for the future, and practical skills in dream processing. Over two days, participants leave with not only practical skills for processing their own dreams but with a dream question for the dream spirits that is suited just for them; a burning question they have about their own perimenopausal challenges. They will be ready to apply their newfound knowledge in real-time dream processing.

If participants come the second day, we will take time to process dreams in real time and the new participants can see it in action.

Shauna Lay will be sharing Menopausal Dreamwork