May Salem

May Salem is a proud mama of 5, a creative, seeker of knowledge, and preserver of ancient arts and healing. She was born in the Philippines and spent most of her early childhood in nature, climbing trees, picking fruits, swimming in rivers, and making toys with leaves and sticks. Her family moved to Northern California when she was seven years old in search of “better” opportunities.

May started reconnecting with nature when she became vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan in college. She began appreciating the healing powers of plants and herbs and how connecting with mama Earth is so vital. May is also inspired by the generations of birth workers and healers in her family. Her Lolo (grandpa) was a midwife and Hilot (healer, herbalist) in their village in the Philippines and continued his Hilot practice in the states.
May is inspired to gradually take the steps of following the lineage of midwifery and Hilot passed down from her family. She is expanding her knowledge through learning earth based arts, Ancestral Medicine, apprenticeship, stories with family and sitting in the kitchen with her mother, taking workshops on birth work , and eventually attend Midwifery school in the future. She wants to connect the bridge between ancient and future ways. May also loves to express herself through yoga and dance. She is a certified yoga instructor and dancer her whole life and incorporates these expressions in her healing process and work.

May is the designer/ creative director and co-owner of NATIVE SOL. She host workshops and gatherings at her brick and mortar shop in Long Beach, CA. Find more info on @nativesol on IG . She also shares her personal experiences on Natural home births , unassisted births, plant based nutrition, and raising her children under @mamasoltribe.


May will be sharing Ancestral Birth Ways and Moon Pads.