Marketplace Application

We are excited to bring so many handmade from the heart, sustainable and unique vintage items into the 2023 Spirit Weavers Marketplace. Applications for Vendors will become available here March 7th-March 17th.  Please visit our Marketplace section of the website (Under Village) to learn more!

The Spirit Weavers Marketplace is a dedicated space for celebrating the skill and creativity of the professional makers of our community. It is a place to discover new artists and support our entrepenurial path which is committed to building successful businesses by offering goods that are handmade from the heart, sustainable, locally crafted or vintage in origin.  

Our marketplace is housed outdoors and on the earth and is a place where we have the opportunity to appreciate the skill and creativity of the professional makers of our community. The market will be open during lunch and evening hours.

Ethos + Marketplace Vision 2023

Our Spirit Weavers leaders have committed to creating a shift in the intentions and guiding principles of the Marketplace along with all of those participating in a place of leadership at the Gathering. As we enter our 2020 cycle of applications we find this initial accountability to be required in order to eliminate harmful cultural appropriation and continued abuse of sacred plants and cultures. 

*We no longer condone or encourage the use of White Sage or Palo Santo at Spirit Weavers gathering, even if the plant is grown within your home. These plants need to be protected, and the only solution as a community  is to stop the overall personal and ’professional’ use and sale of these plants. 

We ask that if you utilize these plants or if they are included in your work  to keep this aspect of your practice at home. 

In an effort to protect the cultural integrity and honor of our indigenous relatives, we will no longer be accepting marketplace vendors who sell artisan-made goods from communities or individuals outside of their culture, unless they are representing and or contributing to an organization or non-profit run by an indigenous community. 

Any vendors that fall under this category will be asked to display their connection to the community at the entrance to their space for clarity and overall transparency to our attendees, as well as creating an overall standard and accountability system.

Our vision for the Marketplace 2020 is to center individual creators representing their own handmade crafts/creations as well as include creators that will be able to assist our attendees needs for nourishment, practicality, survival, and tiny treasures to travel home with.  We ask all of our vendors to include a product within a lower accessible price point in order to allow accessibility to all of our attendees who would like to experience the work and creators at the marketplace. 

2023 Marketplace Are open from March 7th-17th