Marike van IJssel

My name is Marike, and I am honored to be part of this beautiful gathering. I am from the Netherlands. I have travelled an interesting and curvy path in my life, from growing up in a small town near the sea to living in an Aboriginal community In the tropical rainforest in North Queensland in Australia. From being a university lecturer to working on my heartsproject on spreading awareness, kindness and empathy in the world.
Once I gave up my expectations of what life should be like and what I should be like, I found that there is soo much that I love to do. I regularly hold circles for women and girls about the divine feminine. And my heart sings with joy when I work with female lineages from a systemic point of view.
That can be both in a personal situation as well as in a more general vision of femininity and sisterhood.
As a single mother of four I can feel the importance in my bones of remembering and bringing to the surface our ancient knowledge and combine it with the new. To realise we are part of a larger picture, which is about inclusivity, love and light. I try to live a life with the courage to be vulnerable, to be just who I am, and to be true to the essence of what I bring to that larger picture. I listen to the whispering of my soul in the quiet moments in nature, and know that I am abundance.


Marike van IJssel will be sharing Female Lineages and MERAKI – Divine Feminine Felt Symbols.