Mama Bear Lodge


We are happy to welcome back the Mama’s to the Mama Bear Lodge. We created this space with the intention of support, care, and building community. Based on feedback received from mamas who attended with and without their babes we have developed a strong suggestion. We are always learning about the best way to hold up our mamas and every year without fail we face the question from several mamas of whether or not they should bring their little babes to the gathering? While this question must be answered individually it is our hope that by addressing what we can offer to the mama’s out there, we can create a clear picture for you to base the decision of bringing your babe.  As a mama you know the amount of care and attention you provide your babe(s) and more often than not we tend to lose our self-care practice and other connections to ourselves. If you are receiving the call to ground and reconnect with yourself, voice, body, spirit, and soul then we suggest that you attend without your babe(s) to indulge in complete presence allowing true transformation to manifest. If you do not have circumstances that make it possible for you to come without your babe(s), the Mama Bear Lodge is here to hold space for you all along your journey through the gathering.

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The Mama Bear Lodge will be in a yurt, centrally located to the main gathering grounds. Inside you will find a safe haven with blankets, pillows, safe toys, and other amenities for mamas and babes under the age of 3. We honor the process and needs of mothers with young children and the lodge was created to give mamas an opportunity to ground down, find care, someone to share your story with, or a moment’s rest. This space will be available anytime with the exception that a mama and babe safe class is held. When a class is held in the MBL there will be an alternate communal space available in the Mama Bear Camp.

The Mama Bear Camp is located closest to the main gathering grounds. There will be a central tent to host mamas and babes at anytime of the day. This space was created with the intention of a communal gathering tent where mamas can wind down in the company of others. With questionable weather conditions, this space will also offer shelter from the storm where you can connect with like-minded mamas avoiding any isolation. No classes will be held here, mamas have full access at all times. This tent will also offer blankets, pillows, and safe toys for babes under the age of 3.



We are blessed to hold the gathering among the Illinois River shores where we are living in tune with mother nature for this gathering. There are options for renting tents or yurts which provide ease for mamas traveling solo. We ask that you book these accommodations as soon as possible after purchasing your ticket as they are limited. Camping is the primary source of shelter during the gathering. Traveling with a babe alone to the woods is a challenge that we acknowledge and will do everything to help you navigate this experience. If you are traveling from far away with a young baby, or this is your first time camping, it may be optimal for self care to coordinate camping with another mama/auntie/attendee or inviting a family member along to share in the experience. All meals are served and eaten outside and with a pre-made menu. Lunch will not be provided but can be bought at the gathering or you can bring your own food to cook.  We encourage you to reach out to other women to collaborate on meals as well.

The Mama Bear support team will be curating a variety of offerings for mamas and babes; from sharing circles, discussion, wise women panels, etc. As these plans and schedule solidify the updates will be posted on the MB Facebook page. If you haven’t joined this page please do so as all further information regarding Mama Bears will only be on one platform. The Facebook page is a place for you to introduce yourselves and reach out to connect and plan to commune and coordinate before the gathering. Directly following the opening ceremony and class sign ups the MBL will host a mama and babe social to introduce the MB support team and allow opportunity to connect with like-minded mamas on day one.



As many of us are mothers, grandmothers, aunties within our own paths there is a great respect among us for the mothers who honor us with their presence at Spirit Weavers. We hold you in our hearts and understand fully the need or desire to bring your children to the gathering. Every year I am asked by mama’s if they should bring their child to the gathering and though I am honored with this question, I can not answer it for you. Every mother’s journey is different and your needs, desires, and vision for the gathering are a part of your path. I encourage you to envision what you want to take away from this gathering and hold that in your heart when making a decision about bringing a young child. Our vision is that the gathering become a place for self care, and though it can be very difficult to give that to ourselves as mothers, we lovingly encourage you to hold that in your vision for the experience of the gathering.

Sending love across the expanse,
Ali, Heather & their Littles

Mama Bear Lodge Facilitators

Something to note from previous Mothers’ experiences

If you are a Mama who really just wants to be at the gathering, even if that means spending a lot of time with your child in Mama Bear Camp, with no expectations around your experience, or how many or which classes you will be able to attend, perfect! In the past, some women who have brought children ages 1-3 have found themselves challenged if they are coming to take classes or really drop in because they have had to leave classes early to tend to their child’s needs. Though you are welcome to bring your littles to the Skillshare classes we have also found that many women are not able to finish their classes or be fully present with their young child there. We ask that you please tune in deeply about bringing your toddler to the gathering if they fall between the ages of 1 and 3. Thank you for understanding and for really taking the time to come to your own clarity around this.

Please feel free to reach out to for more information or support at any time.

Mama Bear Lodge Leads

Alison McWeeny

Ali is a functional adaptive movement coach with her B.S. and M.S. in Health Education, Physical Education and Coaching. She has coached and taught Health and Physical Education at the middle, high and university level. Having a passion for natural movement and holistic health, she recently diverted from the formal education platform for her own self-discovery to reclaim her life. Being a survivor of sexual, physical and emotional abuse she is passionate about the ability to overcome challenge and struggle. Ali is a conscious and wild Mama who welcomed a newborn this Fall 2018 and her oldest is 2, Dakota, with her partner Noah and 3 dogs. Traveling from Central Washington to serve in the Mama Bear Community as a co-facilitator, she will hold space in the Mama Bear Lodge and Mama Bear Camp. Ali is eager to assist in providing an inclusive, open, safe space for like-minded Mamas and their babes to connect, ground, and sprout new ideas through each other.

Heather Musser

Heather is a birth doula and married mother of two. She lives with her small family in Western WA close to the Olympic Peninsula.  After leaving a religiously isolating community a couple of years ago she has been on a path of self discovery. Learning and living her own personal truth. As a doula her focus is on lifting women up, amplifying their innate ability and providing a platform of support which invites them to be empowered in their pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. Heather is a full time at home mama, her oldest Joaquin is 6 and her youngest EverFree is 1.5.  Heather is passionate about health and wellness and loves inspiring mamas to care for themselves first. As co-facilitator of Mama Bears Lodge Heather is looking forward to connecting with, supporting and being mutually inspired by mothers from all walks of life.