Come-Unity Village

The Come-Unity Village is a celebration of life in all its colors, shapes and forms. This village is dedicated to celebrating the unique qualities of earth’s children. We will provide workshops, circles and braver spaces for us to share and gather and learn to relate beyond surface differences.  


We are an inclusive village at SW committed to creating community, conversations and educational opportunities that center issues of equity and collective liberation. All voices and identities,  are welcome. We bravely gather and meet challenging edges with openness.


Our approach is holistic and trauma informed. We value intellectual, somatic, emotional, spiritual, and relational methods of healing the wounds of separation. We foster and celebrate diversity and aim to support building bridges of resiliency and mutual understanding among folx from all walks of life. We acknowledge we may all be at different places along our journeys of sacred remembrance, and we welcome you into our village just as you are in this present moment.

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Vision & Intention:

To remember our individual well being is interconnected to the well being of all.

To create a space where we can come together as diverse allies in a shared mission of peace and right relations.

That we may work collectively to thrive as a whole.

It is our prayer that we each have the courage and determination to show up and commit to participating in choosing to release old ideas of privilege and to learn and practice the ways of respect for all life as sacred.

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Whole lotta love!

Come-Unity Team

Frankie Nicole 

High. I’m Frankie – Daughter of the Moon – Initiated – Warrior Goddess – Witch – Alchemist – Mystic – Generational curse breaker – Change agent – a true reflector – real – raw – Muse – authentic self expression – out of this world – outlier – pocket full of lucid dreams – spell caster – potion maker – world weaver – seer – seeker – nature lover – animal protector – bridge between worlds – divinely guided – winged being – courageous enough to be myself even if it doesn’t fit the mold – weirdo – atypical – they say I’m different – no title and all titles in one – Healing myself and sharing the overflow. I work/have worked as a story producer, director, stylist(when asked), and publicist(past life). Creator. Founder. Small Business Owner:

Might be inspired to hold a conv about: Fantasy books, movies, tv. Herbalism. Intentional living. Friendships amongst women. The importance of having heart to heart conversations. Vulnerability. Monogamy. Plant based living. Remembering + keeping your frequency. The black experience in Amerikkka.


Camelia Patiño

Conflict Transformer, Writer and Educator

Born and raised in the North Bay Area, I’ve spent the last 25 years working in the field of conflict resolution, with a focus on restorative practices. I believe in our ability to learn and grow, even in the midst of life’s hardest lessons, so we can find connection, belonging, and heal the things we break along the way. I am a proud community builder, communication specialist and conflict transformer, educating individuals and collectives on how to embrace conflict as a catalyst for healing and evolution. I am a mother to two fierce little ladies, who provide me endless opportunities to practice what I preach.

Kumu Farrah Māhealani Linder

Titles: Kumu Hula / Luna Ho’oponopono / Alaka’i Lei Hulu 

(Hawaiian Spirituality Practitioner / Ancestral Culturalist and Medium / Hawaiian Feathworker Lead Master)

Kumu Hula Farrah Māhealani Linder carries the Tom Kaulaheaonamoku Hiona lineage from her Kumu, Auntie Noelani Mahana ʻO Kala McIntosh of Kaneʻohe Oʻahu. She continues her studies in ancient hula traditions on the Island of Molokai with Loea Hula Dj Pelekai of Pelekunu Valley, Molokai.

In addition to her Hula lineage, she also holds the prestigious title of Alakaʻi Hulu of beloved Kumu Hulu Lokelani Reichert of Lei Hulu of California (Auntie Mary Kovich/Auntie Mary Kekuewa lineage) and is currently the Alakaʻi Hulu of Kumu Pilialoha Johnson and Kumu Robert Beebe of Lei Hulu O Hilo (Auntie Doreen Henderson’s lineage) in Hilo, Hawaii.

In conjunction with these masteries of Hula and Lei Hulu, Kumu Māhealani further holds the title of Luna Hoʻoponopono (Hawaiian spirituality executioner/practitioner) from the ancient teachings of Hālawa Valley, Molokai with Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki of Mana O Molokai.

Currently, Kumu Māhealani continues her education with Kumu Paʻa Lawrence of Mana O Molokai and the legendary Aunty Lynette Paglinawan ‘uniki haumana (graduate student) of beloved Hawaiian Scholar and Historian, Aunty Mary Kawena Pukui.  Furthermore, she also studies with world renowned Epistemology Master, Kumu Manulani Aluli Meyer, PhD.  Kumu is a board and committee member of Nā Mamo, E Hula Mau, Hawaiian Daughters Guild, Sandwich Islands Social Network.

Kumu Māhealani’s ʻohana (family) is from the Island of Maui and Sulu Islands. She is of Filipino/Polynesian/Tibetan (Kathmandu Valley)/Pan-Asian/Native American/West and South African and Papuan descent and continues to study and research all of her ancestral origins. Her mountain mother is Chomolungma (Mt. Everest). By way of her teachings, she incorporates indigenous perspectives within the modalities and multi-levels of the modern world.

TamRA Wich’MA

Hi! My name is TamRa Wich’Ma, Consultant & Coach of Live True Wholeness. I have 15+ years of experience working in the non-profit sector, community organizing, event planning, program development, and implementation, as well as grant writing for community programs and projects in the social work field. My work has included people from all walks of life; including those experiencing homelessness, mental health needs, racial, inequity, intimate, partner, violence, addiction issues, spirituality seeking, and full spectrum trauma needs. My educational background: Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Science. I believe deeply in the use of arts to move forward social integration, healing, and well-being. My most recent project is a cinematic educational video series (think docu-series) on expanding awareness for Social Services Providers, Clinicians, and clients about the prevalence and extensiveness of the impacts of trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences.

I identify as a multi ethnic Costa Rican, American woman who is a third culture individual. My mother is a black Latina from Costa Rica, and I am first generation on my mother’s side, my father is the descendent of a long line of doctors and US military, in addition, he has lived with Parkinson’s for most of my 37 years. I grew up experiencing struggle from lower socioeconomic class, and being outside the dominant majority in rural predominantly less Melanated European Northern California.

 Rhythm Matt 

Rhythm is a grief practitioner a doula and an alchemy life worker who does holistic based approaches to trauma transitioning on multiple levels including: energetic womb restoration practices, massage, and rebirthing. She infuses laughter, sound healing, and conscious self awareness throughout her entire practice. A passion to serve with intuition for unifying spiritual growth leading with feminine energy, has taken her all over the world.

Rhythm moves to her own tune, with her personal outlook from growing up and acknowledging first hand the struggles of adversity that black women of color disproportionately face, and the obstacles that all women encounter overtime. She seeks to bridge the gap and assist in the many strides forward with the continued development through support and sisterhood.

Through her business, “Divine thrive realm,
woman are celebrated as they are. She is the rooted space holder and facilitator for regenerative sisterhood circles where intuitive womb wisdom is celebrated. Facilitating sacred spaces, mindful women’s events , retreats, workshops, classes, hiking excursions and creative group activities.

Rhythm encourages passion for fostering environments that value diversity in all places while continuing to educate on the resources that allow us all to coexist.