Come-Unity Village

Come-Unity Village

The Come-Unity Village is a celebration of life in all its colors, shapes and forms. This village is dedicated to celebrating the unique qualities of earth’s children. We will provide workshops, circles and safer spaces for us to share and gather and learn to relate beyond surface differences.

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Vision & Intention:

To create a space where we can come together as diverse allies in a shared mission of peace and right relations. It is our prayer that we each have the courage and determination to show up and commit to participating in choosing to release old ideas of privilege and to learn and practice the ways of respect for all life as sacred.  That we may remember our individual well being is inter-connected to the well being of all. That we may work collectively to thrive as a whole.

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Come-Unity Leads

Sunder Ashni

Ashni is a Flower Essence therapist, healing channel and educator born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has a private practice at Minka .in Brooklyn, NY. She frequently travels to teach and is currently planning Earth Immersion retreats in Nature. She also facilitates ceremonies, meditations and experiences permeated with love that cultivate radical awareness, appreciation of self and overall ecstatic wellness within participants and their community with the intention of re-cultivating a deep connection with our Earth mother. Discover more

Chun Mui

Chun Mui is the daughter of grandmother teacher guides and a mother of ancient wise ones.

She is dedicated to human revolution as student and practitioner of plant spirit medicine healing and The path of the Lotus Sutra- Nichren Buddhism.

She is a channel of women’s mysteries.

And a gatherer of women for ceremonial womb spirit health care.

She is a practitioner of the beauty way using the art mediums of dance, bead weaving, and  textile/apparel design to express and share her medicine.