Hearth Fire

Tending our Sacred Hearth Fire

The Hearth Fire is the beating heart center of the Spirit Weavers Village. To mark the beginning of each session, our Fire Tenders light a fire by hand, calling upon the solar energy stored in our tree ancestors to birth a little Sun here on Earth. They tend to this being for the duration of our time gathered together: one sustained flame for us to spiral out from every morning and back into every evening. We share our stories through song, dance and conversation around its warmth at night, and utilize its alchemical properties throughout the day for classes. Fire, when conjured and tended in an intentional and caring way, is a portal to the spirit realm, a transmuter of energy, and a focal point for ceremony and communion. This is a deep reciprocal relationship that is intrinsic to being human. Although we often forget our direct dependence on this element, it is essential to our existence and spending time around a sacred fire helps us to remember our innate age-old connection.

For the utmost safety of the land that Spirit Weavers calls home, there are no personal fires allowed during the gathering  (propane cookstoves are permitted*). We will always have our central Hearth Fire burning, and a second fire in the evenings at the Yurt Village. We ask that you do not feed the fires without first checking in with one of our Fire Tenders. Please do not put food or trash into our fires, however offerings of an intentional and sacred manner are permitted and greatly appreciated! This heart-engine is a living sentient being, a facilitator and a sustainer of vital life force throughout our time together.