Elise Higley

Elise Higley is an 8th generation native Californios and mother of three. She, her husband Jeff and family moved to Oregon in 2011 looking for more land-based life. In 2013 they started a farm in Southern Oregon, one of the meccas for herb farming in the US. Oshala Farm is now a 113 acre, midscale family farm with 70 varieties medicinal herbs in production. Over the years they have learned through blood, sweat, tears and laughter what it takes to be a domestic herb farmer and how to keep herb farming financially sustainable while staying true to their earth centric values and organic practices. Elise was campaign manager for Our Family Farms Coalition in 2014 that fought and won the land side victory to ban GE crops in Jackson County, Oregon. She currently sits on the board of Our Family Farms. Elise is passionate about bringing people together to work towards sustainable solutions that will preserve our agricultural heritage. She works to educate and inspire value-based community change.


Elise will be sharing Herb Pharming; Starting Your Own Medicinal Farm and The Power of Local Government– Create a GMO Free Seed Sanctuary!