Cutting Away Ceremony

Julia-sun-seaSweet Medicine will be sharing the process and reasoning of why in this troubled culture today we fall into illness of the heart, and we why must again use spirit medicine to heal this contemporary experience. The Cutting Away Ceremony is for people who have had significant traumas, losses, betrayals and are still carrying the effects, or illness from these events. From your spirit to cellular body the Cutting Away Ceremony will aid in freeing you from your baggage. Sweet Medicine’s simple indigenous ways have been reported to be not only freeing, but astonishing.

Today, this work is one of the most important parts of Sweet Medicine’s gifts to offer the world for healing from an indigenous perspective. Let us free the past, and take flight into the present opening of the Heart. Remember your original Instructions for your life here!

Image by Julia Corbett


Cutting Away Ceremony will be shared by Sweet Medicine Nation