Statement on Covid-19

Thank you for being a part of this community. We understand how these times are bringing up changes and shifts for everyone.  We hope to help resolve any questions and offer clarity in the message below.

We have officially postponed the 8th annual Spirit Weavers Gathering to September 2020. The Sun session will be September 17th – 21st and the Moon session will be September 24th – 28th 2020.

All tickets purchased to the 2020 Gathering will be valid for the new September dates.

Because we are a very small team working to produce this event, we are also experiencing strain and changes resulting from this shift in dates. Our production staff will be stepping away from emails and communications for a few months as a result, and we will be back online in July to continue preparations for the September Gathering.

Below are some points for clarity as we make the shift to the later dates:

If you’re unable to attend the new dates, you may sell your ticket to someone else. Since our ticket terms and conditions make clear that, in an unforeseen situation involving cancellation due to acts or nature, actions taken by government agencies, or conditions beyond our control, tickets are not refundable. Anyone who is unable to attend the shifted date can sell their tickets to somebody else. We provide a ticket transfer hub on facebook to help with ticket sales, which can be found here:  We still have a high demand and waitlist for women wishing to attend.  Tickets generally get sold closer to the gathering dates.


-Regarding sun/moon sessions: 

The Sun session will be September 17th – 21st and the Moon session will be September 24th – 28th 2020.  All ticket holders will have the opportunity to re-register for the session of their choice through our ticket sale site, regardless of which session the original ticket was purchased for. This will happen in the coming weeks, and we will be sharing the instructions and timing for this in an additional email as we work now to organize the shifts with our ticket sale company.

If you’re selling your ticket to someone else, you can share that the new ticket holder will have the opportunity to choose their desired session during this re-registration period.

*Important: If you’re selling your ticket, please sell your ticket for the exact amount you purchased it for – no more.  This ensures we are not creating a competitive ticket market for this event.



 Whether you bought a yurt through SWG or a tent through Stout tent company- these transfers follow the same refund/cancellation policy as tickets. We cannot offer refunds, but you may transfer/sell tent and yurt rentals to a friend or through our ticket transfer hub. All accommodations purchased will be valid for the September Gathering, and we will have an additional email with instructions for registering your tent for the session you will choose to attend. If you purchased your tent through Stout, all questions and transfer information can be handled through them, as they are an independent company. You can reach Stout tents via email at If you purchased a YURT through SWG please email with the notification of change.

Please keep in mind that there will be more people looking to purchase tickets and accommodations closer to the September dates, so there may not be many people purchasing from the ticket transfer hub in these early months.

We recognize this can bring about stress, and we are all working with the unknown.

We encourage people to be patient and trust that tickets and accommodations will make their way to new homes.

-Instructors/Vendors/Practitioners/seva volunteers – We hope to transfer all rosters over to the September Gathering. This includes marketplace, healing village, adornment, yoga village, instructors, seva work trade, and all other offerings.  If you’ve been accepted to share at the June gathering, your position transfers over as planned. If you are unable to attend the shifted dates, please email your hub lead, or


From the Heart : 

Spirit Weavers is a small grass-roots community that is not funded or supported by outside investors, corporations or insurance policies that cover events like ours. We have been a small family team since the beginning, which makes the gathering intimate in it’s own unique way.

The Spirit Weavers Community recognizes the spectrum and severity of how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting each of our lives and the state of our collective human experience.   We recognize that these times are bringing about many shifts for everyone in so many layers, and we hope to do our best to make this transition smooth and supportive for all.

Now it is our work to find ways to stay connected in these times. Connection to each other, ourselves, and our planet is what will determine how life unfolds through this initiation we are collectively experiencing.

Thank you for your extended understanding and patience as we all work with the times.

Your support keeps us going, and we are so grateful to you for being a part of this community.

Any urgent questions can be directed to


With endless love and gratitude,

The Spirit Weavers Community