Courting Fire :: intro to fire by friction

Fire is the life force of us all:: the Sun we revolve around, the hearth at the center of our homes, the lava core of our Earth, the sustained flame deep in our hearts. This sentient being is a transformer of lands, a catalyst of story, a tender of ritual, and a profound spiritual teacher. Learn how to build and sustain a fire from the landscape:: the art and practice of gathering wood, creating a fire structure, and birthing a coal. Folx in this class will go home with instructions on how to make fire using the bow-drill and hand-drill methods, as well as get hands on experience with demo fire kits. This ancient magic of friction fire is the way that our ancestors lit their fires:: calling on the solar energy in our bodies and the bones of plant beings to create an ally of flame.


Courting Fire :: intro to fire by friction will be offered by Miriam Grace.