Co-Creating with Life

Co-Creating with Life


What would you create if you were truly uninhibited in your process?

Tapping into the infinite wellspring of creation means facing the repressive tones and imprints we carry about what it means to create and how we relate to creation and ourselves as creators. These become obstructions that our life force has to move through in order to express itself, which dilutes the potency of what is being birthed through us. It also causes us to reach too far outside of ourselves for inspiration, and our expression becomes an imitation of what already is instead of what is authentically ours.

Together we will move through our inhibitions and rekindle the eternal flame of creation from within, while learning how to hold safe space for our fire to burn freely and fully. This workshop blends our connection to Spirit and our power as creators in a way that fosters our true expression to come alive.

The teachings shared can be applied to any medium, however this course will focus on creating with natural materials. Each person will paint an altar token of their choice with earth pigments, infused with the spirit and teachings of the workshop and gathering.

Co-Creating with Life will be shared by Molly Abromitis.