Circadian Habits

Circadian Habits

As human beings, in today’s modern world, we can’t loose sight that we are animals.

The more we live our lives with the elements in mind, tuning into the rhythms of light and dark, adjusting to the seasons, connecting to nature, and creating habits that bring the body into balance, the more we can lower inflammation and create a life that includes health and vitality.

Circadian habits are the habits of our ancestors and can be incorporated in our modern day lives. How and when we move, eat, sleep, breathe, and live all make up the whole of who we are and how well our body and spirit can function.

We’ll dive into ancestral habits that are aligned with our biochemistry and hormonal system. The more we can honor the rhythm of our hormonal system, which I call “Our own personal team of first responders”, the more our body can find balance and homeostasis.

We’ll go through the hormonal system, both the physical and emotional aspects of it, and learn the circadian rhythms and habits of our glands to bring more ease and flow into our body.Using habits, foods, herbs, daily practices, breath, and the intention to truly honor our amazing physiology for optimal health.

Mary Sheila Gonnella, BCHN will be sharing Circadian Habits for Hormone Harmony.